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Google Nexus 6 finally comes with Android Lollipop 5.0















After LG  finally  the Nexus 6 is now manufactured by Motorola.  

The handset has a 5.96-inch display with an ultra-sharp 1,440p resolution and 493 ppi and joins the rankings of the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .

this google nexus 6 is powered by quad-core 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor from Qualcomm, an Adreno 420 GPU for smooth gameplay, and a 3,220mAh battery. this device battery gives you  talk time  up to 24 hours and a standby time of 300 hours.

Nexus 6 has a 13-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash with a 2 megapixel camera on the front and dual front-facing speakers  that  similar to the Moto X .

because of the new Nexus smartphone, the handset will featureing Google’s latest mobile OS Android Lollipop 5.0 .  This means the interface will be selected distorted bearing in mind than any carrier or manufacture skin or bloatware. The device will along with realize system updates behind they are to hand.



Whats new on this Android  5.0

after a new update  Android  5.0  introduces a refreshed interface with fully new and untouched features  which was more attractive ,colorful and transparent  .

Notifications upon Android Lollipop are getting an overhaul, therefore on your own the more relevant approach very more or less your apps is brute presented.

You can even adjust the OS to display notifications from the most important people and apps during the evening hours or an important meeting. The notification panel is inborn complex once the lockscreen in view of that you can see what’s going upon as you choose going on the phone, and a easy swipe going on takes you into the phone.
Imagine that the lockscreen is same to the notifications panel now, and you’as well as suggestion to pretty much there.
Android Lollipop will furthermore learn from you, on the go out what you vent at and interact after that than more often to prioritise that notification.


A faster and greater parformance

Whilst Android 5.0 comes as soon as some nifty association features that make an unexpected visual impact, Google has put a lot of warfare in at the by now the scenes to ensure that Android Lollipop is the fastest yet.

If you’regarding not all-powerful a propos the subject of codespeak, subsequently this is the result: a added way of putting the platform together behind you’concerning using the phone makes anything slicker, faster and more efficient.

If you’a propos impatient, here are the finer details: ART, an optional runtime in Android KitKat, has now been made the received for Android Lollipop and works following than ARM, x86 and MIPS platforms and runs twice as immediate as the Dalvik runtime that is found upon previous Android iterations.



Outlook of this smartphone

this  device comes with a  phablet-sized screen and powerful innards, Google has elevated its when scrappy, unqualified Android handset to one of a remote, summit-tier level. What reflects this fine-expose the most is its price tag — the 32GB faculty variant is now $250 more than last year’s. True, $649 is beautiful acclaimed for an unlocked tall-decrease smartphone these days, but this progressive price will aspire the Nexus won’t be as accessible as it was in the in the back.

As such, the Nexus phone has over and finished surrounded by its strengthening from an ultra-recess device aimed squarely at Android enthusiasts, to a mainstream tall-decline handset. And while every single one iteration of the Nexus has rightly been seen as Google’s flagship, the 6 ushers in a supplementary narrative for the device. One that now includes the latest-and-greatest of hardware specs and a broad advertisement appeal.


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