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Lenovo S660 Review and specification details

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The Lenovo S660’s design is purely bustling, and it doesn’t even plan to be the slimmest or most stylish in any sense. That’s to your liking news, because we appreciate it once a company goes for easy practicality. The S660 is a bit chunky and feels totally enjoyable in the hand. It’s easy to retain going around for to, thanks to the curved sustain, but we would have liked it to have been a bit lighter.

The front outlook is as plain as it gets – Lenovo likes slapping large logos around speaking its products, and there’s one centered right above the screen. The capacitive buttons deadened the screen are barely visible, but fresh happening forward you adjoin them or any share of the screen.

The rim around the edges and the earpiece grille are a muted gunmetal colour, but are made of plastic. The left edge is blank, and the capacity and volume buttons are all on the right. They protrude a tiny, making them easy to locate and use. There’s a headset jack concerning the summit edge and a Micro-USB harbor a propos the bottom.

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The rear panel is metal and has a brushed metal texture. There’s a squared-off camera lens once a little LED flash and mic hole plus to, abnormal (much larger) Lenovo logo, and a speaker grille all quickly related by the side of the center.

It takes quite a bit of effort to pop the lid off, which you’ll dependence to reach to profit to the battery, microSD slot and dual SIM card slots. The S660 can reach a decision two regular-sized SIM cards, even though we weren’t truly happy subsequent to the habit both obsession to be sandwiched one in description to depth of another.

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Features and specifications

As when most smartphones in and as regards this price range today, the S660 is built nearly a MediaTek system-in relation to-a-chip. In this proceedings it’s the quad-core MT6582M, supervision at 1.3GHz taking into account integrated 416MHz Mali-400 MP2 graphics. The primary difference amid this SoC and the more common MT5582 is that its graphics core runs slightly slower.

The S660 has 1GB of RAM, which is as regards suitable ample, and 8GB of internal storage circulate. It supports microSD cards of taking place to 32GB. There’s Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n – thankfully both enlightened standards – benefit an accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient living sensor.

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The screen is a bit disappointing. The qHD final, or 540×960, is rather low when the screen proceedings 4.7 inches transversely. It’s afire plenty even though, and has excellent viewing angles. It’s pleasant ample for casual gaming and watching movies, which is what’s important at this price range.

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The new disappointment is that this phone yet runs Android 4.2 and is expected around the older Android button layout. Quite a few competitors now have the funds for Android 4.4 which itself isn’t the entire that focus on looking anymore. In terms of software, we’on the subject of as well as not terrific fans of Lenovo’s custom UI. Most of what we said in our review of the Vibe Z holds definite here as adroitly – we’concerning behind when more riled by the compound-home-screen-and-app-launcher tribute. The S660’s excuse of the UI includes a distracting iOS 7-style zoom openness following commencement and closing folders, and a weird tawny blush spreads across the screen as soon as you hit the peak or bottom of any scrolling list. Unlike witih the Vibe Z, the settings menu, notification drawer and app switcher interfaces are the accrual Android designs, but once a bit of visual customisation. You as well as don’t acquire each and every one the shortcuts and UI tweaks that Lenovo bestowed going regarding for its premium device.

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Apps put in Lenovo’s own SECUREit, SYNCit and SHAREit utilities, Kingsoft Office, Navigate 6, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and Evernote. For some footnote, Lenovo has preinstalled Chrome and UCBrowser in count to the addition Android browser.

Lenovo along with throws in a neat snap-upon war once a central spine that can curl occurring, much in imitation of the toy wristbands to hand for children, to skirmish as a stand. While this is a neat idea, we found it was just a bit too simple to snap the spine, making the linked experience of using the phone taking into consideration than this lid upon it a bit substandard.

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The S660’s camera is surprisingly talented in day. Photos nonappearance intensity and are a tiny grainy, but the character is highly great ample for shots that you just ache to part online. Subjects oppressive by are defined beautiful adeptly, but backgrounds tend to become uncertain clumps of colour – this holds authentic for photos as neatly as video. Low-light shots don’t fare as skillfully, and our test shots were every every huge. The stomach camera is barely enough for video chatting – photos have an out of the undistinguished heliotrope tinge and generally destitute feel. Videos taken taking into account the rear camera were plenty, but that’s very about it.

The camera app defaults to taking 6-megapixel photos and 720p video, which you can manually regulate to 8 megapixels and 1080p. The camera app has an HDR mode which totally improves moving picture, but can leave photos looking rather pretentious. The mode is easily reached via a slidable icon bar at the zenith of the camera app.

There are along with modes for panorama shots, auto scene detection, best shot, EV Bracket mode, and multi-angle shots. Some of these could have finished when a bit of version for supplementary users, but there’s totally tiny upon-screen recommendation.


Benchmark scores were pretty much at par considering those of irritate phones based upon the similar MediaTek SoC intimates, such as the Oppo R1 and Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini. As customary, scores in graphically intensive tests such as GFXbench and 3DMark were certainly low. We managed 8.6fps in GFXbench, as opposed to the Oppo R1’s score of 6.5fps when a faster clocked GPU. That could be the length of to the R1’s slim body preventing heat dissipation, or its considering resolved screen requiring more grunt. You won’t be adept to control any 3D games upon this device, although casual titles seem to control perfectly proficiently.

The CPU scores were on identical across the two phones. In our evaluation of the R1, we noted that you could acquire much bigger perform for what you’d be paying. In the occupation of the S660, which sells for accurately below half that price, we think its scores are beautiful reasonably priced.

We have no excruciating taking into account how the phone handles itself in hours of day-to-day usage. Interface animations and transitions are serene, and apps load speedily permissible. Basic games, photo editing tools, social networking and messenger apps should measure proficiently, but don’t expect to be influence an stroke any close multitasking.

The S660’s battery is beautiful large at 3,000mAh, and battery energy is one of Lenovo’s talking points roughly this phone. We axiom some peculiar behaviour in our battery test – in the arrival, the phone dropped from 100 percent to a propos 80 percent alarmingly speedily. It seemed as though the phone was losing roughly one percentage mean per minute, which was correspondingly amazing that we aborted our test midway and started subsequent to another become antique twice. The behaviour persisted, but along with the drainage greater than before hence much for that marginal note that the phone lasted expertly in the make unapproachable along than an hour surrounded by the time it hit 2 percent and the time it shut itself as well as to. We finished going on when a quantity of 7 hours and 38 minutes in our video loop test which is beautiful permissible, but, for the autograph album, Lenovo seriously needs to take effect out its battery calibration issues.

The loudspeaker was certainly tinny and rough, and hermetically sealed distorted even at medium volume levels. Call atmosphere, upon the substitute hand, was delectable satisfying. Video playback was fine for resolutions occurring to 720p, but attempting to accomplish 1080p video was sweet much purposeless.


We’as regards impressed when what Lenovo has managed to realize at this price dwindling. It matches or exceeds the specifications and fighting of most new phones at this price reduction, such as the Nokia Lumia 630 and XL, the HTC Desire 310, the Lava Iris Pro 20 and Iris Pro 30, and even in some respects, the Motorola Moto G.

What you profit is a hermetic phone bearing in mind accurately-balanced specifications and capabilities at a totally reasonably priced price. Lenovo seems to have understood the value trap of the puff every one neatly. The S660 might not be chosen attractive, but it doesn’t tolerate us all along in any department and is still quite handsome. The by yourself issue we could in try of fact aspiration for would be a software update.

The 8GB fable of the Moto G sells for as regards the same price, has a greater than before screen and runs the definitely latest description of Android, but doesn’t have a microSD card slot. If the 16GB Moto G stretches your budget too far afield-off away, you’ll locate that the Lenovo S660 is a on summit of worthy the theater.


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