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LG brings the thinnest HD display for smartphones

LG brings the thinnest HD display for smartphonesEveryday technology taking us to a new level and it seems this is what it destines for. Technology never fall back, it likes to move forward every now and then. Every day technology giving us new gifts and that are beyond our imagination.  Technology has opened its box for mobile world wide open. Every now and then we see experience new wonder stuff in mobile world.

Muthophone 41 megapixel camera that comes with NOKIA, APPLE does it again with a smile on their phone to detect tears formula. LG is unwilling to read back the tide of technology, taito they came for the world’s most thin smartphone’s full HD LCD display panel!

Zee yes, the LG has announced that they have created the most thin display panel. Why is the declaration, made 5 of them. 2inci’s display panel and the frame is only .3 mm. Their mm thick, which is much larger than the display’s thin!

Korean company LG display IT vice president and chief Dr. Byeong-Koo Kim said explain this process as pleasant

“Today we have been able to create the world’s most thin display panel, it is definitely a step ahead in the world of smartphone and display this work has been completed and the IPS (In-plane switching) in the world due to a lack of experience of our world-class company.”

The Company has been informed that the thin display and use the touch smartaphonagulo much more mobile users will benefit. And the display panel using the smartaphonagulora weight loss will improve in the course of the karabe customers. The company also said that, to create a thin display the image quality of the display rather not give any more suryera light of the special care that has been in use.

Lg display panel One-Glass-Solution (OGS) technology has been used (according to the commentary of those who are the first to use this technology), which is expected to be more comfortable using the Touch!

LG’s display panel to the maximum 535 nits (nit is a comparatively small unit of brightness) can braitanesa HD LCD display, which until now has as much from them!

It is suitable for use in the light of the Sun’s atmosphere, as found baisamyapradarsana ratio of 3.74:1 (10000 Lux’s based on). This extraordinary display of LG panel can be relaxed and do not get any news from the company, but the idea that their upcoming smartphone LG Optimus G2’s display will use this as pyanelati. And if it is, this set of slim Full HD LCD display pyanelati with the best in the world have access to mobile customers.

However, this display pyanelati customers keep coming yedinai links ready for its first mobile company in the world that are eligible for gift giving!


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