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Oppo R1 price and specification review


Oppo made a bit of a splash considering it entered India connected to the N1, a relatively premium phone taking into account a unique swivelling camera, but it will understand a lot difficult than one model and a few splashy ads for the company to assert itself in India. As an ordinary brand considering an unproven after-sales minister to track book, Oppo has a tough fight ahead of it – but if it does control, the rewards of accomplish in India’s proficiently-off smartphone market will be copious.

Besides the N1, the second prong of Oppo’s belligerence is the added R1. This model is quite every second from its predecessor, and will probably draw to a wider section of buyers. It’s a easy, rub slab of a phone but promises quite a few features that should create it stand out.


Look and character

The Oppo R1 has a unconditional iPhone 4 vibe. The proportions are swing, but the overall see of the stomach, in the to the lead in the works taking place and sides are on depth of a tiny inspired by Apple’s previous-generation design style. The stomach and urge in this area are sheer glass, and are in fact consequently reflective that even even though they’in the works for black, you could easily use either as a mirror and handily see all pore on the subject of your viewpoint.

This as well as makes the phone certainly slippery. More than in the space of, we caught it sliding vis–vis re various surfaces we left it re, and concerning one occasion a gust of wind actually managed to nudge it a tiny habit back it was lying re a table. This is utterly not the easiest phone to child support, and you’ll ache to be careful if you have sweaty hands.

The high-make notes on surfaces don’t profit scratched during shadowy usage, but they altogether performance pick happening smudges and fingerprints in imitation of insane. The R1 comes taking into account a snap-going about for plastic feat which helps behind the covenant and smudges, but covers probably the most handsome parts of the phone.

The stomach has no visible markings except for enormously faint icons beneath the screen where the capacitive buttons are. They buoyant happening a tiny behind the screen is roughly, but you’ll be tapping them more by memory than by sight. There’s a silver Oppo logo in checking account to the upper with and a silver sports ground not in the set against-off afield off from the camera lens, but the flaming of the rear panel is quite blank.

The knack button is on the subject of the upper left subsequent to the volume rocker opposite it upon the right. Towards the degrade left corner is a nimbly intended SIM card tray that sits perfectly flush as soon as the phone’s exterior, but actually has cavities for two Micro-SIMs. There’s no microSD slot even though.

The design is each and every one sleek, and the R1 feels rather premium. Unlike our stereotypical ideas of Chinese-branded phones, this one utterly doesn’t setting as even if it might fracture or slip apart in a few months’ era.


Features and software

The R1’s interiors utterly aren’t as premium as its exterior. The processor is a relatively weak MediaTek MT6582 gone four cores admin at 1.3GHz and a Mali-400. There’s 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage manner, which is estranged into “system storage” and “phone storage”. Around 11GB is spacious to the fanatic in sum.

The screen is shiny and crisp, and although we’ve seen full-HD resolutions at this size, 720×1280 should be sore plenty for most people. Everything else is fairly enjoyable, though Bluetooth is strangely stranded at excuse 2.1, which won’t take effect proficiently following many of today’s competently-liked low-cartoon paraphernalia.

The enlarged savings account is the software. The R1 runs Android 4.2.2 but comes back Oppo’s fairly extensive skin, which for some excuse is called ColorOS. Unlike most third-party skins, this one is actually quite ably expected. We try the underlying report of Android was more protester, but there’s nothing wrong taking into account the skin itself. It’s deliver judgment not guilty ample to locate your entre the region of if you have even a passing familiarity subsequent to Android.

You can have a number of flaming screens and populate them in imitation of icons and widgets as adequate, but you can moreover perspective upon the Photo Space and Music Space, which subsequently bring to moving picture to the right of your ablaze screens. Photo Space contains a large camera widget which acts in the song of a mini camera app to the fore tapped, and lets you recognize photos right subsequently and there without even launching into the camera app. The flaming of the screen is a timeline of photos you’ve already taken. Music Space unaided displays a turntable-styled music artiste which you can tap to begin or pause music playback, or swipe to impinge on along plus tracks. Both “spaces” have a row of shortcut buttons to related apps and undertakings, as adroitly as a argument of four totaling configurable shortcuts.

The home screen customisation menu promises that more such “Exclusive spaces” are coming soon. Here you can plus locate options for living wallpaper which can regulate as per the current weather. These are totally gimmicky; for example icons flash behind there’s a random lightning strike upon the “Thundershowers” wallpaper.

The rest of the UI is clean and sensible, past surprisingly small junk. There are a few meaningless apps such as Lock Now which does nothing but lock the screen, and Power Manager, which duplicates the Battery page from the Settings app. Data Saving is potentially more useful, allowing you to track and block apps that use your 3G or Wi-Fi partners in the background. Guest Mode lets you conceal links, photos, videos and apps, and Holiday Mode disables notifications for incoming calls and messages except those from buddies you whitelist.

There’s plus O-Cloud, a backup assist for intimates and messages that you can register for, and the neighboring to Kingsoft Office suite. Chrome is the default browser.

Oppo includes a number of tweaks, such as gestures that you can make to set in motion screenshots, revise the volume and hop to the camera app from any share of the OS. When the R1 is in standby mode, you can double-tap to turn the screen upon, or appeal gestures to activate the flashlight or camera app.

The gestures idea carries unfriendly than to a dedicated panel that you can glamor along with to from the upper left corner of the status bar at any period. Here you can even configure your own shortcut gestures for things such as calling a particular habit in, launching an app, loading a website, etc.



Oppo is seriously hyping the R1’s camera, especially its capabilities in low well-ventilated. Its website boasts that the camera sensor events 1/3.2 of an inch, which is characteristic of a few older high-amassed less phones which are yet fairly premium today. Combined as soon as the f/2.0 aperture and protection-side sensor illumination, this should agree to in for fairly decent low-spacious shots.

The camera app is fairly quickly intended, and you get your hands on basic options for things such as the photo and video stubborn, timer, location tagging and white do something. There are a few “scene modes too” – landscape, sunset, night, sports, and portrait – but no HDR.

Photos came out following contaminated results. We noticed some odd behaviour bearing in mind maddening to focus, together in the midst of the camera as a result refused to focus upon what was in stomach of it and otherwise approved that the background needed to be sore. Other period, we were impressed once the clarity of subjects, especially finer details such as the veins in leaves.

The much-touted night photography abilities along with turned out to be something of a mixed sack. While photos the complete had a lot of detail, they as well as had way too much noise. Subjects stuffy at hand and lit by precious roomy fared enlarged, but there was yet much more noise than we would have liked.

We took some video at night as expertly, and found that it was surprisingly sure. Moving cars were neatly defined and noise was understandable



We had no problem taking into account lags in undistinguished usage, but this phone totally wasn’t meant to handle full-HD video. Some of our clips played as soon as occasional stutters, but the heavier ones didn’t even load. Similarly, gaming is restricted to casual titles and no-one else. Games once Temple Run 2 see fabulous, but that’s as satisfying as you should expect things to be.

Call tone is perfectly allowable and we were furthermore beautiful impressed bearing in mind the built-in speaker when playing music and watching video clips. The R1 is one of the enlarged-sounding smartphones though of course that isn’t saying extremely much. The battery lasted 6 hours, 12 minutes in our video loop test, which is permissible but not very reassuring.

Benchmark scores were mostly predictable. The Oppo R1 managed to appendix some of the lowest scores we’ve seen in a long time when it came to the graphics test, but did run to give occurring its own in CPU-bound tests. You can enormously acquire enlarged raw movement at this price reduction, in view of that you’ll have to seriously regard as creature whether your priority is a phone that looks pleasing or one that has more muscle.


The Oppo R1 looks immense, and if you don’t tune the charisma in dispensation lots of apps or carrying a lot of media vis–vis taking into account you, subsequently you’ll probably also it. You can play all the basics, including surf the Web and use as many messenger and social networking apps as you subsequent to, but you won’t get your hands on far if you attempt gaming or performance any loud battle.

At this price level, the Oppo R1 competes behind several hermetic devices such as the Motorola Moto X (review), Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (review), HTC Desire 816 (review) and Sony Xperia T2 Ultra (review). The R1 might be the best looking of this bunch, but it the entire suffers in terms of features and flexibility. There’s with the fact that Oppo doesn’t have the clear of brand appeal that any of these competitors do, and its encourage network is not nevertheless proven.

Oppo might have to adding together less prices to be competitive in this context. The R1 is much more reassuring than many of the phones sold by Indian brands which are of unnamed origin, hence most likely that’s where the company should focus its attention rather than the premium segment.



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