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Recently Blackberry for sale!

Blackberry for sale!

Nokia has been sold to Microsoft still a oven hot news, meanwhile there is another immense sell news started hitting up! Blackberry is in the queue for sell! According to “The Wall Street” they have decided to put their business upon auction table!

The report further mentions, some international companies interested in purchasing the company has already started to haggle. Blackberry with all paksadera is also balabali . Some of the companies and the rest of the companys Blackberry- full “Blackberry” is the company ‘s attempt to make callache !

However, it is not too sad BlackBerry. Some or every together, they are ready to sell . Conclusions The company was sold in November, said the news has been found ! You can buy BlackBerry- out to any other companies that are not found in any of it . However, “The Wall Street” samayakite the company ‘s name has come up in the “Lenovo”.

It is difficult to say this kompanitikei are demanding . However, some businesses to compete for the buy of BlackBerry likhiyeche , for example – “Canada Pension Plan Investment Board”, “Bain Capital” , etc. . From well-behaved sources, but is not yet very strongly the idea of being able to buy the Canadian company can show a very definite self interest “Microsoft”!

Some of the data has shown that the former Microsoft also hopes to foster the BlackBerry ‘s business is their own . However, this has not been possible to locate any information about it . The recent “Nokia” as the company ‘s 7 . Billion U.S. dollars for the purchase of resa kateni them . How ready they are to purchase another company that wants sigri large enough to have them .

BlackBerry sale of the shares of the company got the buzz from the impact of the stock market price of shares of the company has increased 3-5 percent . How has the response mobailapremidera buzz srsti yet not understood .

However, it should be noted that some of the effects that can be mixed , many would expect the new BlackBerry as well as the new company will be able to bring about change , it may be the name of their favorite company within the upcoming device will not feel the lack of !

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